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mixes 5

for my mcu children

(fanart by the talented Kelslk on tumblr)


these days: nico [and if i seem to be afraid/to live the life that i have made in song/it’s just that i’ve been losing so long] || severed crossed fingers: st. vincent [we’ll be heroes on every bar stool/seeing double beats not seeing one of you] || blue moon: beck [i’m so tired of being alone…don’t leave me on my own] || i feel it all: feist [i know more than i knew before] || inside out: spoon [time keeps on going when we got nothing else to give] || long time, wrong time: sharon jones & the dap-kings [long time since i’ve seen your face/been running ‘round trying to make my way/long time since we said goodbye] || sacred heart: the civil wars [i’ll wait for you there] || today will be better, i swear!: stars [walk on]

it all goes.

swim good: frank ocean [i’m about to drive in the ocean/i'mma try to swim from something/bigger than me] || cough syrup: young the giant [and so i run now to the things they said could restore me/restore life, the way it should be] || carry that weight: the beatles [you’re gonna carry that weight/carry that weight a long time] || melt your heart: jenny lewis [and we’ve lost the people we could have loved and you…/what you know you have or what you think you want/it’s never perfect] || dust to dust: the civil wars [you’ve held your head up/you’ve fought the fight/you bear the scars/you’ve done your time/listen to me/you’ve been lonely too long] || the fear: ben howard [i’ve been worryin’/i’ve been worryin’] || fake empire: the national [it’s hard to keep track of you falling through the sky] || i’m not done: fever ray [some do magic/some do harm/i’m holding on, holding on/i’m holding on to a straw]

a mix for sam wilson

Take Care: Tom Rosenthal [take care of all the lonely souls and love will hold you/oh how you walked through the dark and love destroyed you] || The Show Must Go On: Queen [i can fly my friends/the show must go on/the show must go on/i’ll face it with a grin/i’m never giving in] || Do What You Want: Ok Go [oh come on, come on/what could go wrong?] || Touch the Sky: Kanye West feat. Lupe Fiasco [i’m/i’m sky high] || The Walker: Fitz and the Tantrums [can’t keep up with my rhythm/though they keep trying] || King of Rock: Run DMC [every jam we play, we break two needles/there’s three of us but we’re not the beatles] || Red in Tooth and Claw: The Ettes [keep up your eyes/see what i’ll do] || War is Kind: Jakob Dylan [in the unknown open country/like an outlaw now standing/at the foot of infinity/the sun is wild and just in front of me]

a mix for steve rogers

Strawberry Swing: Frank Ocean [say hello/then say farewell/to the places you know/we are all mortals aren’t we?] || Blowin’ in the Wind: Bob Dylan [how many years can some people exist/before they’re allowed to be free?] || Wires and Waves: Rilo Kiley [and sometimes planes/they smash up in the sky/and sometimes lonely hearts/they just get lonelier/and lonelier] || Spies: Coldplay [i said which way do i turn/i forget everything i learned] || Fare Thee Well (Dink’s Song): Oscar Isaac [fare thee well, oh honey, fare thee well] || After Hours (Velvet Underground Cover): Rilo Kiley [but if you close the door/you never have to see the day again/if you close the door/the night could last forever] || Ready to Start: Arcade Fire [you say, “can we still be friends?”/if i was scared, i would/and if i was bored, you know i would/and if i was yours/but i’m not] || Speed the Collapse: Metric [fate don’t fail me now]

team america

Steve and Bucky

Homecoming Heroes: The Head and the Heart [and i won’t stand for anything more/tried our hands even though we were poor] || O Children: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds [he’s found the answer that we lost/we’re all weeping now, weeping because there ain’t nothing we can do to protect you] || Blue Lips: Regina Spektor [the pictures in his mind arose/and began to breathe/and all the gods and all the worlds/began colliding on a backdrop of blue] || Bruised Ghosts: Amy Millan [home is hardly a word] || Once I Was (live cover): Jeff Buckley [do you ever remember me?] || Another Story: The Head and the Heart [can we go on like it once was?]

Sam and Natasha

I Want the Real Thing: Chuck Criss [love is fleeting when it’s undefined/tell me straight what i want to hear/tell me there’s nothing to fear] || Get Ready: The Temptations [and i’m bringing you a love that’s true/so get ready] || April Come She Will: Simon and Garfunkel [may, she will stay/resting in my arms again] || Something: The Beatles [somewhere in her smile she knows/that i don’t need no other] || Passenger Fever (mash-up): Peggy Lee vs. Iggy Pop [i light up when you call my name/and you know i’m gonna treat you right] || Oh! Darling (cover): Florence and the Machine [i’ll never do you no harm]

Steve and Natasha

Crimson and Clover (cover): Joan Jett and the Blackhearts [i don’t hardly know her/but i think i could love her] || Better: Regina Spektor [if i kiss you where it’s sore/will you feel better, better, better?/will you feel anything at all?] || Give a Little Love: Rilo Kiley [on a clear day/i can read your mind] || Lover, You Should’ve Come Over: Jeff Buckley [well i feel too young to hold on/and i’m much too old to break free and run] || Birds of a Feather: The Civil Wars [oh we’re a pretty, pretty pair] || Someone to Fall Back On (cover): Aly Michalka [i will be the one you need]

Steve and Sam

All I Want: Joni Mitchell [all i really really want our love to do/is to bring out the best in me and you] || Yellow Light: Of Monsters and Men [just grab a hold of my hand/i will lead you through this wonderland] || Lotta Love (cover): She & Him [my head needs relating/not solitude] || New York: Snow Patrol [come on, come out, come here, come here] || Brand New Colony: The Postal Service [i want to take you far/from the cynics in this town/and kiss you on the mouth] || The Rising: Bruce Springsteen [come on up, lay your hands in mine]

Bonue OT4 Tracks

All the Rowboats: Regina Spektor [but the most special are the most lonely] || Stay: Rihanna feat. Mikky Ekko [you’re the broken one but i’m the only one who needed saving/‘cause when you never see the light it’s hard to know which one of us is caving] || La Familia: Mirah [if we sleep together/would it make it any better?/if we sleep together/would you be my friend forever?] || Handle With Care (cover): Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins [everybody’s got somebody to lean on/put your body next to mine/and dream on]

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