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warning these are from 2014. don't judge me too harshly

for my queen tina cohen-chang who deserved better.

Naughty from Matilda the Musical [nobody else is gonna put it right for me/nobody but me is gonna change my story] || Come Sail Away by Styx [i’ve got to be free/free to face the life that’s ahead of me] || Army of Me by Bjork [and if you complain once more/you’ll meet an army of me] || Revolution by the Beatles [don’t you know it’s gonna be alright] || Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy [tonight the foxes hunt the hounds/it’s all over now before it has begun/we’ve already won] || Changes by David Bowie [strange fascination, fascinating me/changes are taking the pace i’m going through] || Two Way Street by Kimbra [they’ll put a star beside our names/but i couldn’t care for the history] || You Don’t Own Me covered by Rasputina [i’m free, and i love to be free]

for my sweet prince, blaine anderson, who also deserved better.

Broadway, Here I Come as performed by Jeremy Jordan [but even though i fear it/i’m playin’ all my cards/baby, you are gonna hear it/when i give them my regards] || All this Beauty by the Weepies [and what you make of it, let me say/you get what you take from it so be amazed/and never stop, never stop, never stop/you gotta be brave] || Twist and Shout by the Beatles [come on and twist a little closer, now/and let me know that you’re mine] || Maps (acoustic) by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs [oh, say say say] || Every Teardrop is a Waterfall by Coldplay [but my heart is beating and my pulses start/cathedrals in my heart] || Friends Will Be Friends by Queen [when you’re through with life and all hope is lost/hold out your hand ‘cause friends will be friends right 'til the end] || Long Time Coming by Saints of Valory [so go ahead and walk/while i start running/it’s been a long time coming] || Never Let Me Go by Florence + the Machine [found the place to rest my head/never let me go]

for mindy lahiri, whose wardrobe and confidence i envy.

Animal Love II by Charlene Kaye [if it’s animal love then i’ll know it’s true/if not you, who did i give it to?] || Let the Rain by Sara Bareilles [i want to let the rain come down/make a brand new ground] || Shark in the Water by V V Brown [i wouldn’t cause you any harm/i just want you in my arms] || Silver Lining by Kacey Musgraves [if you’re ever gonna find a silver lining/it’s gotta be a cloudy day] || Apartment Story by The National [so worry not/all things are well/we’ll be alright/we have our looks and perfume on] || So Much Better from Legally Blonde the Musical [maybe you will change your mind/but you might look up to find/i’ve gone on to better things/better jobs or bigger rings] || Broken Heels by Alexandra Burke [anything you can do i can do better/boy, i can do it in broken heels] || Animal Love I by Charlene Kaye [and i don’t want to look away ‘cause i know i’m gonna lose my guns/go ahead and take my conviction/go ahead and take my everything]

a mix for abed nadir who i miss seeing on tv.

Two of Us: the Beatles [two of us sending postcards/writing letters] || Stars: fun. [some nights i rule the world/with bar lights and pretty girls/but most nights i stay straight and think about my mom/oh god, i miss her so much] || Such Great Heights: Iron and Wine cover [they will see us waving from such great heights/come down now, they’ll say/but everything looks perfect from far away/come down now but we’ll stay] || The Way We Move: Langhorne Slime & the Law [and all my friends got crooked tales/that’s the way i like it/that’s the company i keep] || Two-Headed Boy: Neutral Milk Hotel [catching signals that sound in the dark] || One More Time With Feeling: Regina Spektor [hold on/one more time with feeling/try it again/breathing’s just a rhythm] || Bonnie Parker: Charlene Kaye [the dust storms are spiraling fast/just bury your face in your hands/and follow the fire that just keeps growing] || Dancing With Myself: Nouvelle Vague cover [well there’s nothing to lose/and there’s nothing to prove/i’ll be dancing with myself]
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